Laywer Secrets Marketing


Lawyer Secrets company was founded and is currently being managed by Joseph W. Frick, a lawyer successfully servicing Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Kansas.

After years of running his law-firm, Joe noticed that, although he was way more skilled than his competition in trials and settlements; he wasn’t getting enough business to keep his firm afloat.

In fact, clients only came if recommended (and in a world as competitive as ours, recommendations are not enough).

His reputation was about to be put on trial!

And that’s when he decided to devote all his time and resources to finding a winning attorney marketing strategy for his firm.

Throughout the years of refining his law firm marketing techniques, he is now one of the best-known attorneys in his area.

That’s when he decided to build a law firm marketing agency and bring all the power of digital marketing to other outstanding legal firms that are doing great in court… but business-wise, they’re not where they’d like to be.



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