Sales Funnels for Lawyers

Have you heard that you can use sales funnels to get more potential clients to call your firm? It’s true. Lawyers have been implementing marketing strategies that use funnels to attract and engage potential clients to significantly increase their revenue. Practice areas that have been successful in using these strategies include:


Family Law

Estate and Probate Law

Personal Injury

Startup and Business Law


Criminal Defense

Now, there are several strategies that work. Which strategy that you use will depend on what the sales process is. Personal injury firms use more of a “Call Now” strategy, so the funnel, the ads, and the follow up is going to look different than the strategies that work for practice areas that have more of a nurturing, longer sales process like Estate law.

Want Potential Clients to Raise Their Hands?

Potential Clients to Raise Their Hands

Funnels are a key marketing strategy that law firms need to implement immediately. Lawyer funnels are designed to get your dream clients to raise their hands without:

  1. a ton of ad spend
  2. getting a lot of tire kickers that just need to ask the attorney a “quick question,”
  3. receiving a ton of calls for practice areas that you don’t practice and actually hurts you on the inside when you hear someone talking about.
Lawyer funnels are one of those key business ideas that attorneys have put off for a long time because they think it is not something that lawyers should do or don’t believe it will work. Look, we at Lawyer Secrets Marketing are lawyers that use funnels to significantly increase our revenue, grow our firm rapidly, and essentially live a better life. Guess who doesn’t implement sales funnels. . . . Broke ass lawyers.

What Can I Use Funnels for?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, funnels for lawyers can be used for a number of business growth strategies. However, one of the most impacting uses is building your list. When you build a list, you are creating a marketing asset that you can use over and over.

Every time you pay google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. for an ad, that ad is seen by a prospective client and that ad spend is GONE. If you use a funnel to build a list, you have their contact information. You can follow up with that person over and over. Some practice areas are a one and done issue. However, if you get creative, you can use that list for other issues that you can help that client out with. For example, individuals going through a divorce typically face a number of issues after the divorce is finalized such as bankruptcy, they need their will updated, they need their investments looked at, they need to buy a new house, etc. After the divorce is completed, you can follow up with that client with a follow up funnel when you can identify that they need those services.

What Can I Use Funnels for

Lead Magnets for Lawyers

Lead magnets are one of the most effective way to get your dream clients to raise their hand on their own and let you know they need your services. The trick is to give the potential clients something they would pay for, for free. This can be a free webinar, a free report, something that would provide value to them. It needs to be something that they would be willing to give you their contact information so that you can follow up with them during the sales/consultation process.

Even if they don’t sign up, you will still be able to continuously market to them so that you will be top of mind in the future if they need, or know someone that needs, your services by building your list. Even if they don’t hire you the first time, they may in the future after they realize the first attorney they hired sucks. Again, we are lawyers here, and we consistently have clients hire us a few months after they initially consult with us because we have follow up funnels to keep in touch and remind that potential client that we are still here, and we can still help them even if they hired another lawyer already (that sucks).

We can help you create (or create for you) the enticing lead magnet, create the ads, and the follow up campaign to get more clients in your door. It is a process and there are best practices that we follow at Lawyer Secrets Marketing.

Webinar Funnels for Attorneys and Law Firms

If you want to stand out in your market as the authority for your practice area, hosting free webinars is effective. They do not take long to prepare, they do not cost a lot to put on, and if you target the right crowd, the ad spend is not substantial. However, putting everything together to get the right people to show up, ensure they show up, and have a smooth process is another thing.

A lot of attorneys put this off because they do not believe they can put together a script, handle multiple live individuals, and countless other excuses. But, if you don’t do them, you are missing out on a super cost effective marketing strategy that has a high return on investment. The best part is, the webinar you create can be replicated over and over again until you get it right, all of them can be recorded, you can pick the best version of the webinar, and then put it on autopilot without any further contribution from you.

We can help put the webinar script together and set up the automated system to get you clients on a consistent basis.

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